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A 16-year old boy that people just need to give a break! Sure, he may not be the best singer to ever walk the planet, but he is really good. Seriously, if you are one of the people who spend their time posting on urban dictionary PG-13 things about him- GET A LIFE! It's not like you can just say bad things about him and he'll go away! He's not going anywhere. And don't automatically think I'm some 10-year old girl who has to fight his battles. I'm not a big fan. But it's not because he is bad. It's because that's not my style of music. Give the kid a break people! He has 2 albums out so far- My World and My World 2.0
Guy: Hey, do you like Justin Bieber?
Girl: Yeah, I think he's really good!
Guy: Oh, that's cool.

singer songwriter bieber bieber fever
by Person9089089 June 20, 2010

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