1 definition by Person who still thinks

A person of low intellect who is easily given over to howling, shrieking adoration for a high yellow, yes man, Marxist, uber-liberal political figure who goes by the title: B. Hussien Obama. Common traits include: Lack of political savvy, white guilt, lack of understanding with regard to national issues and an often perplexing, indeed mind numbing attraction to what is popular and shiny, rather than what is effective or important.
1.Anyone associtaed with the American media, whose shameless and irresponsible coverage of the 2008 American Presidential election (Obamaniac three ring circus) should be grounds for imprisonment or public, ritual beatings.
2.Anyone associated with the Hollywood left, whose mindless indifference to reality and moral standards is nothing less than blinding.
by Person who still thinks May 06, 2009

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