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24 definitions by Persephone~

The second lowest female voice.
Some women are ashamed of being an alto. There's nothing wrong with it. You can just go a little lower than the rest of the chorus.
There's also rumor going about that sopranos are overly happy bubbleheads. That's true for some, but most of them are kind, down-to-earth individuals who can go just a bit higher than the rest of the chorus. You might think I'm supporting sopranos because I am one, but I'm a fair judge, because I'm both. Not mezzo, both. There's a big difference. I have all the soprano notes, and all the alto notes, and a few bass notes ;)
So, to sum it up: Being an alto is something to be proud of.
Alto: *blasts out G1*
Soprano: Wow, I can't believe you can hit that so easily and confidently. I wish I was an alto.
by Persephone~ June 06, 2009
Main character in the bestselling novel V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd and the film adaption as well.
Some may argue my "theory", but think of it: A main character grows and changes over the course of the work. I mean really, does V really mentally change? As Evey changes from a naive young girl to an all-out terrorist, just like V.
I just entered this cuz it wasn't here.
by Persephone~ September 12, 2009
Laughing quietly to myself.
Sort of like LOL, only more secretly, more I've-got-an-evil-plan-in-mind-here sort of thing.
==In some random chatroom==
Mitchell: Wanna go egg the principal's house tomorrow?
Kelly: Lqtm... **rubs palms together and maniacally laughs**
by Persephone~ October 19, 2009

Made famous by The Simpsons.
Homer: Hook it up, nerd!
Professor: To me, Nerd, means Not Even Remotely Dorky.
(or whatever the script was)
by Persephone~ August 04, 2009
The name of a band I once had. Not to be confused with Maroon 5.
Maroon was doomed from the start.
by Persephone~ January 17, 2009
A hilarious song by Maroon. My cousin and I made it up. Inspired by Legos.
Me: You like to poop on my floor!
Anna: Dancefloor
Both: The Dancefloor
Anna: Dancefloor
Both: The Dancefloor
by Persephone~ January 17, 2009
Gerard Butler and Erik Destler had a baby.
Many Phangirls love Gerik because they love GB and they love Erik...
I, on the other hand, thought to myself, "What the hell were they thinking? Gerard Butler as Erik!?", until my friend Becca persuaded me to watch the movie.

I almost melted.

I am now a Gerik fan.

by Persephone~ July 14, 2009