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When you get a very hot girl to sleep with you only to find she has a massive amount of pubic hair.
Guy 1: So, how was Rebecca after the party last night?
Guy 2: Fucking Mountain Man Suprise!
Guy 1: Really? I didn't notice.
Guy 2: Gross.
by Perplexing Enigma March 24, 2011
Where you drop a dollar bill through a hole or grate in the floor to lure someone in and then you shit on them.
Guy: Sharon! Get over here, I'm gonna Australian Bomb Drop on Casey.

Sharon: Okay, let me run downstairs and watch. (runs downstairs)

Casey: Oh look a...(shit on)

Sharon: Bwahahaha! That is so going on Youtube!
by Perplexing Enigma April 18, 2011
When a girl with blue waffle queefs

Known to be make a grown man shit himself
Girl: Just stick it in me! (Opens legs and...)
Cvleektklelalskeghtelz! (qwaffles)
Guy: I just shit myself and I need to brush my teeth.
Girl: Sorry about my quaffle
Guy: (leaves)
by Perplexing Enigma March 24, 2011
The bits and pieces of undigested food left in your crap. Usually in the form of vegetables especially corn. The word comes from the Latin and English roots of "not quite crap."
Guy: Baby, come here and check out all the pseudocrap in my crap!

Girl: Honey, please don't use big words you don't understan.... OH MY GOD! Corn!?
by Perplexing Enigma August 13, 2010
the fuzzy rub off of underwear or sweat pants (when going commando) that sticks to one's dick
Guy: I just bought some new underwear and there is so much dlint!

Girl: Uhhh...


Guy: I just cleaned off all my dlint in the shower. Wanna have sex?

Girl: Uhhh...
by Perplexing Enigma August 12, 2010
Where you attempt to get as many dicks inside a girl as possible. Clown face paint is optional.
Girl: Wow guys 32 this time, that's a new record.

Guy: Wait, we can fit a few more.

Girl: What? Wher...(several dicks shoved in her mouth)

Guy: Yep, that's a New Yorker Clown Car record all right.
by Perplexing Enigma April 18, 2011
When you get a hot girl to have sex with you only to find a Mountain Man Suprise also known as having a massive amount of pubic hair similar to a beard, and she has a small penis hidden within the hair.
Guy 1: Dude, I took this chick home from the bar last night and guess what, fucking Asian Mountain Man Surprise!

Guy 2: Fucking gross what did you do?

Guy 1: What do you mean?

Guy 2: Uhh....?
by Perplexing Enigma March 24, 2011

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