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Brassiere. Other slangs are, but not limited to; "Over the shoulder boulder holder" and "Across the chest breast rest".
I had to ho buy an over the back rack shack for my wife the other day.
by Pensiveanemone0 May 02, 2014
Any kind of rock

The term came in the 50's when Elvis' hip swinging led to objections in the christian societys. The church then linked rock and roll to the "inapproporiate" hip jolting, wich further led to blasphemy and the devil.

The term was discontinued in the 60's, when all the popular rock bands formed. (Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane etc.)
If he has rebelled against God far enough to listen to the devil's music, i sure is rebel enough to try drugs!
by Pensiveanemone0 December 22, 2011

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