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Self exlpanatory. Description of a woman who lacks the basic fundamental skills to operate a motor vehicle. Should not be allowed to drive anything with wheels and an engine, except for maybe a lawn mower. More than likely she would fuck that up.
Look at that Dumb Cunt Driver over there, I can't believe she thinks its the guys fault she was on the wrong side of the road.
by Pennyslvania Driver October 10, 2007
or DCDS. The driving school that some women must have gone to based on there utter lack of understanding of how to operate a motor vehicle or share the road with others.

After taking up 2/3 of the road and not allowing anyone by "she must have gone to Dumb Cunt Driver School to learn how to do that".
Or a woman pulls around a utility truck without looking for oncoming traffic so you almost end up in a head on collision then motions you to back up out of her way. She must have gone to a Dumb Cunt Driver School
by Pennyslvania Driver October 10, 2007
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