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kerligirl13 is a 11 year old little drama whore who thinks she deserves to be famous. she rose to fame via videos telling people she is better then them, posting nudes, and crying on camera after people post mean things about her while her parents scream how the cyber police are going to get you.

kerligirl13 is just another stupid little girl who thinks people actually care what she says.

kerligirl13 is also known as jessi slaughter.
Person 1: Oh my god, have you seen kerligirl13's new video?
Person 2: What she do this time?
Person 1: Just her Dad going on how the people being mean to his 'little angel' are going to jail.
Person 2: Woah, whata cry baby. She should get off the fucking internet. No one cares!
by PenguinPrincess July 15, 2010

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