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Any type of structure erected for the sole purpose of keeping out dirty skets, especially deceptiskets Tent poles stuck in the ground at an aggressive angle have proven to be particulaly effective at maiming sed sket. Also a full proof way of telling if a girl is indeed a sket.
Sket: What the Fuck is this?! I've just fallen over it and cut myself
Man: Thats the Sket fence
Sket: Why do you have a Sket fence?
Man: To keep the Skets out
Sket: But I've just fallen over it and cut myself!
Man: Then it works
Sket: I'm not a Sket!!!
Man: Then why did you fall over the Sket fence?
by Penatrating Sun August 30, 2011
When some young woman befriends you under the false pretence of not being a dirty sket. Often hunt in packs and drink vodka lemonade. Can be avoided with a sturdy Sket Fence
Don't worry about getting chlamydia last night, she must of been a deceptisket

When said group yells deceptiskets unite you know your in for dirty sex you will definitley regret!
by Penatrating Sun August 30, 2011

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