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There is no country named "Persia" but rather Iran.

In other words an IRANIAN AND PERSIAN is the same thing!
Iranians are Persians, and they are known for..

1. ) Having their largest community outside of Iran in Southern California - The Los Angeles area is nicknamed "Tehrangeles" with nearly 800,000 Iranians
2.) Most Persians are hard working in school and become professionals such as doctors and engineers, and also many entrepreneurs.
3.) Iran is a Muslim country with other religions, however, most Iranians are "Secular Muslims" and they identify with muslim culture and view themselves as being more spiritual and not religous. They are very progressive and open to modern ideas and American lifestyle

4.) Persian men are very handsome and Persian women are some of the best looking women in the middle east ( Only Lebanon has more beautiful women!) They are known for dressing in Armani, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci
Most Persians live in the areas of Irvine, West LA, San Fernando Valley and Silicon valley. They all are rich and and wear the best clothes!
by PegahJoonam December 17, 2007

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