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The improved version of "jail-bait" . Shortend from "quail-bait". Refering to girls/boys that are younger than yourself.
e.g I found some quail. lets go on the quail circuit. You're quailing it up. Alex has got himself some quail. Quuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaiiiiiill. Quailly quail quail.
by Peesh September 23, 2007
The improved version of jailbait. Shortend version of "Quailbait" Referring to a fit girl under the age of consent, when you are over the age.
Bennett got himself some quail. Get a quail on. Mate that girl is bare Quailbait. Flock of quails at 10 oclock high.
by Peesh March 09, 2009

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