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Is the feeling you get as though you had performed a certain action before, although you are certain that you hadn't.
People only use 34% of their brain's capacity on a daily basis. Deja vu is probably a sudden case of psycic ability for a short amount of time, therefore, making you believe that you had performed the action before you had actually done it. It's just that you had seen yourself do it a split second before you had actually done it.
by Pee in the park May 31, 2005
Refers to a man with a boner walking or standing behind people while poking at them with his erect penis.
Damn! I just got Phantom Menaced!
by Pee in the park May 31, 2005
This refers to the sometimes painful action on the penis occured mostly during sex. The penis bends in the middle or at the base wrongfully.
The chick rode me so hard, I bendy straw'd a couple of times.
by Pee in the park May 31, 2005
1) Central American slang - it is a racial remark used to describe white american people. It is so used because of white american's pale complexian.
2) spanish for talcum powder.
Football games is a bad place for spanish people with asthma cause there's too much talco everyone.
by Pee in the park May 31, 2005
this is what you call the nasty line of hairs most women have down their back connecting to ass hairs.
That nasty chick has a nasty hib goin down her crack.
by Pee in the park May 31, 2005
Usually refers to any person born in any of the following states:
1) Alabama
2) Mississippi
3) Georgia
4) Kentucky
5) North Carolina
6) South Carolina
7) Tennessee
I saw a cornbread in Manhattan. He couldn't believe how tall the buildings were.
by Pee in the park May 31, 2005
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