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4 definitions by Pedro the Poet

To Cheat or have an affair, its legalese
I had a unilateral non disclosed temporary revocation of mutual exclusivity with my gf last night when I hooked up with her sister.

Baby I did not cheat, we simply had a unilateral non disclosed temporary revocation of mutual exclusivity.
by Pedro the Poet September 20, 2011
5 days in a row of being blackout drunk or damn close to it
Halloweekend was a shit show, we had a business bender from thursday through tuesday.
by Pedro the Poet November 03, 2011
The ultimate state of being. A gorap is above human understanding. Although a gorap is believed to be a myth, they actually exist. To achieve a gorap mentality, and to thus become a gorap, you must; retreat to your mind, come out the back, see every situation from an omniscient p.o.v, and never mention that you are in fact a gorap.
Mario-Sometimes I feel as if you're a gorap when you give me advice

Peter- well, I couldn't tell if I was.

Todd- You're a gorap bro, straight gorap

Scott- It's all in how you look at it.
by Pedro the Poet August 29, 2010
A shortened form of the word Vanilla.
(uneducated hoe at starfucks)-Mhmm lemme get a nila frap no whipp
by Pedro the Poet April 05, 2011