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'Tag' which applied to the area of Greenock Western Scotland due to the large quantities of cheap fortified wine consumed there. things do change though should now be known as Cider city or Ned Central
'am frae the Wine City an tha', dyee waan' a wee drap a wine?
by Ped The Ned March 06, 2006
The French Name For Scotland
france calls scotland Ecosse
france calls england Les Wankers
by Ped the Ned May 30, 2006
Englishman, how they are known to us in Scotland
PS They hate bein called PERCY!! >:)
HAW PERCY! is it true all you fuckers take it up the arse?
Percy: Why Yes jolly good spiffing 1966 tea crumpets cricket what? haw haw haw.
by Ped The Ned June 19, 2006
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