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This act conatains Three Stages:

1. Firstly the two boys widen each other's bums by teasing them open with a luke-warm desert spoon.

2. The nose/mouth area is completely inserted into the freshly opened fleshy ring and they deply inhale, causing them to choke and faeces to come out, this choking action closes their bums, creating a smacking noise to which they spin 180 degrees so that they are in the classic 69 position.

3. The penises soaked in opaque chicken stock until the jap's eye is nice and dilated (as well as increasing the girth and creating a nice chickeny aroma.)
Tongues are inserted into each others cock hole with a squeaky pop (similar sound to the test for hydrogen.)
Finally, when the climax is inevitable, the two young boys look each other in the eye and tell each other, "Slippery Spence".
then they let their juices exchange and the chickeny broth is enjoyed by both parties.
"Reet lad, what you up to tonight?"

"might do a bit of revision"


"why? what you doing?"

"nout, yet"

"oh right"

"Slippery Spence?"

"Uh huh ; )"
(shows him the chicken stock)

by Pauly wankz January 26, 2009

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