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A person of generally southern Asian descent. An ethnic slur used primarily within Commonwealth countries, it may be considered derogatory and offensive if intended towards people of such origins. The main meaning of the term stems from the description of supposed odours that are emanated from a person after heavy consumption of spice or curry-based food substances due to the presence of aromatic organic compounds in sweat.
... and as the mother and her daughter sat down at the bench, the little girl suspected something had gone terribly wrong with the air she was breathing.

"Mummy, where's that yucky smell coming from? I'm scared... and I can't breathe!", the girl squealed.

Concerned that she would die of asphyxia, her mother quickly looked around and in a glance had found the culprit.

"Oh, I'm so sorry my dear. It's seems to be coming from that curry muncher sitting next to you."
by Paul_898 January 08, 2010

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