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Transition year 07/08 word. Only used by people who are ranked cool in our year. Word is only exchanged between one cool person and another. Only cool people can be called a nuttler. Also may be used to describe a relatively crazy person.
alrite joe ya nuttler
alrite nuttler

your man was a fuckin nuttler
by Paul Lawson April 20, 2008
Word which describes a quite ugly person. Those posessing drastic and distinctively noticeable ugly characteristics will be given the title of a cretin. Word origins from the dictionary yet has been made famous by those inhabiting the King's Hospital School, particularly the members of the 5th Form.
"You know that guy Emmet Hughes"
"Ye wat about em?"
"The state of em. Absolute cretin!"
by Paul Lawson February 21, 2009

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