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The act of oral sex, hinted to in my own definition of gooseneck. A direct reference to the head of the female bouncing up and down around the cock-al region of a male during fellatio, resembling a bobblehead doll after its head has been tapped.
Dude, she gave me some amazing bobblehead last night.
by Paul L-K (while blunted) March 22, 2005
interjection-like word meaning "no", "doubtful", "definitely not", or other such negative phrases. Must be accompanied by closing the eyes, tilting the head back and waving the hands in a negative motion.
"Ey, would you smash Julie?"
"Nah son."
by Paul L-K (while blunted) March 22, 2005
An expression indicating extreme doubt, often implying that the suggested idea was a terrible or unwise one.
"Dude, would you do acid if I offered you some?"
"I don't know about all that."
by Paul L-K (while blunted) March 22, 2005
You are all wrong. Gooseneck refers to the practice of a female giving a male oral pleasure, in the act of which her head bobs up and down in a manner similar to the neck of a goose as it walks. Closely related to head, dome, and other similar items.
Man, you see that girl over there with them DSLs? I'll bet she give HELLA gooseneck!
by Paul L-K (while blunted) March 22, 2005
The finest of fine weeds, only held by the official Sensei of your area, also known as TJP in the 314. Synonomous with funky.
TJP always lets me rip some of the dankety out of his bubbler
by Paul L-K (while blunted) March 26, 2005
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