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1 definition by Paul Joyce

The best fucking band in the goddamn world. People who like Korn are not mallcore, faggots, pussies, goths, or potheads!!! People who think Korn is weak metal should fuck themsevles in the eye sockets. We are not mallcore!!!! I love Korn, but I also like slayer, Pantera, Metallica, iron maiden, Dio, lamb of god, and tons of other great bands. Don't be a shithead and judge bands on their genre without listening to them! Judge them on how well they play, and Korn plays extremely well. So the next time you bash Korn, you try and play as well as they do, pussies!
kid 1- what are you listening to?

me- korn.

kid 1- They suck!

me- have ever even heard them? and can YOU play the guitar, bass, drums, and sing as well as korn?!

kid 1- uh...no, no, no, no, and uhhhhh......no.

kid 1- *slice* (kills self)
by Paul Joyce June 28, 2006