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wise guy, D.J. Pishmix
oh, a weizenheimer, eh?
by Paul Holowczyk December 08, 2004
interjection: equivalent to "I was about to say"
Firewire: Wait - you defined Murrrrrden, right?
Dolla Bill: Yeah
Firewire: Izaboustasay!
by Paul Holowczyk December 02, 2004
And one!, in your face!, told you i'm the man!;
Usually stated after something is overwhelmingly justified via concrete proof
daEmbnerrrrr: I beat you at ping pong, badabing!

Me: First of all, the game's not over. We're playing to 21. Second of all, I'm winning 20-17 even with the 3 points I gave you for cheating. And on top of that, there's a spider near your left shoulder.

daEmbnerrrrr: Where??

Me: ACE! Game over! BAMSHAPAYA!!!!!
by Paul Holowczyk December 02, 2004

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