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Another slang word used in place of the standard term for expressing an acknowledgment of parting.

The word gained attention in a scene in the hit movie The Hangover (2009) when Dr. Stu Price (Ed Helms) uttered the word -- “biyee” during a phone conservation with his wife.

The word is similar to other slang terms (for expressing goodbyes) such as tata, ciao, toodles, & etc.
The Hangover Movie (2009)

Stu Price: We met the, uh, proprietor.- Oh, I bet you...

Melissa: What's his name?

Stu Price: Um, Caesar. Palacè.

Stu Price: Yeah, like the salad.

Stu Price: Okay. Well, listen, I gotta go, because we're gonna hit this wine tasting.

Stu Price: Wait, wait. I love you. Okay. Biyee
by Paul Denille Pascual October 07, 2010

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