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What everyone does no matter whether they think they do or not

Stereotypes, in my opinion, are completely pointless. They're a part of modern society today, and basically it tries to put everyone into one group or another.

Many people try to 'be' a certain stereotype just because they think it makes them cool to whoever else. Generally, I believe if people do this, and admit to being whatever stereotype, then they are not that stereotype as they're trying to be something they're not.

Many people are discriminated for the way they are stereotyped, and stereotyping has become a sort of discrimination in itself.

Just try to be who you are, not what people want you to be or what you think you want to be. Be who you really are. Stereotyping gets rid of individualism and makes everyone similar, which to be honest, is pretty boring

Too many people are not given a chance because of whatever way they act, dress, the music they listen to or whatever else. Give them a chance to find what they're really like and you might find you actually like them :)

The most common stereotypes for people are emo, indie, chav, goth, prep, scene etc.

There is also something called 'ethnic stereotyping' which is like things such as all Asians are really smart, all Jewish people are greedy, all Russian people are called Boris, all British people are either posh or talk live 1800 people =/ etc etc
Kid 1: Lets go beat up that kid cos he looks different

Kid 2: Yeah! He's not like us

Kid 3: He's just himself, not trying to be anyone else, you're just treating him different because of his stereotype, he doesn't do it to you, so you shouldn't to him :)

Kids 1&2: .....Get him too! He's explaining things that we should know but don't as we all go by these stupid stereotypes just because everyone else does
by Paul (IL) February 27, 2007

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