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a scene&eemo kid is just a kid that has scene and emo trends.. nevertheless some people might say that emo is a genre of music and not a style.. but lets just leave that out. Scene&Emo kids wear things that scene kids would wear and emo kids would wear, they're just not sure of what they are fucking make up ur minds! even if i cant make up mine..they like myspace alot.. but DONT have lines of songs in the screen names.

-A Scene&Emo kid might have his/her hair in various layers and like emo music a lot
-Wear bandanas either in their backpocket or on their neck, and dont kno how to hardcore dance.
-Talk all gangsta and shit.. but not even listen to hip-hop and rap
-Wear TONS of eyeliner and not have theyre hair in various layers, and not kno what being scene means.
-Have his/her hair in VARIOUS layers, listen to hip-hop, rap, use tight ass pants, and bands shirts (be in appearance scene) but be depressed all the time just like an emo kid.
-A Scene&Emo kid is a confused kid thats scene in style and emo in music or emo in style and scene in music...
-Not have even 100 friends but be scenece in appearance..
not saying that emo kids dont have friends just..
Ex of what an emo&scene kid would say...

Im totally gonna go hardcore dance at that show, eventho i like emo music to the core, im totally scene... oh wait.. i dont have friends at myspace, pshh wtv im totally a radilicious scene&emo kid.
by PauBliinaA July 19, 2006

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