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5 definitions by Patty Dangles

The expression said by your teammates indicating you should hold onto the puck and continue skating around the net, this helps when you don't have time to check your blind side or under pressure from a pursuing opponent.
wheel wheel wheel, says Patty Dangles teammates as he stickhandles around the net with the other team chasing him.
by Patty Dangles January 11, 2012
Demeaning someone playing a first shooter video game by implying they must be running around healing peoples souls (the act of priesting), instead of killing them like the game intended.
Yo Brooks nice 2-8 kill to death ratio bro, you out priesting again man?
by Patty Dangles May 02, 2011
Same as a curl and drag, a hockey player uses the toe of his or her stick to draw the puck back when the opponent attempts to swat the puck away.
I toe dragged the crap outta my co-workers at puck last night.

A nice toe drag can not only get you around a defenseman with a basic move, but also leaves you in shooting position immediatly.
by Patty Dangles July 14, 2011
The act of deceiving an opponant by putting the puck infront of you while facing an opponent, curling it to the right or left (depending on your whether you shoot right or left), and when the opponent attempts to swat it away you draw it back (drag) so the opponent misses the attempt and you continue to wheel.
Patty Dangles rockets down the right wing, dangles the puck to the right, ohhhhhh he curl and dragged that guy right out of his cup.
by Patty Dangles July 14, 2011
One of the most common ways to beat a hockey defenseman on the way to the net.

You dangle (deceive) the d-man into thinking your going to blow by him outside, when he sets his feet to angle himself towards you, a good dangler will put the put from the outside to the inside while either jumping or shifting his body so that the outcome is the defenseman now on the outside and the shooter in prime position to deke or shoot on the goalie.
Patty dangles was screaming down the right wing, the senators d man got out of his backwards skating and skated forward towards the puck when Patty dangles put the puck through the D's legs on the outside inside move before shelfing on the goalie who was way out of position.
by Patty Dangles July 14, 2011