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1 definition by Patron Saviour of the Southern Cross

Occurs when a male is getting a blowie from a woman.. or a poofter.

There are two possible scenarios:
1. the giver holds the sperm in their mouth and then proceeds to kiss the lucky male as they pass the sperm between their mouths. Reminder - to some this is supposed to be sexually arousing

2. When giving head, you blow really hard with your mouth cusped over the penis so the only direction the air has to go is into the penis. the penis and surrounding area then swell, and the prostate is exposed so an immediate explosive ejaculation without orgasm occurs. Thus the term snow blow, the sperm, or snow as it is referred to here, explodes, or blows, everywhere in a splatter/sawn off shotgun effect.
they talk about snow blowing in that movie with julia roberts and susan sarandon.. Step Mom

Jenny and Jack had to go to hospital. Jenny because she had an excessive amount of sperm ejaculated into her eye, jack because he had oxygen bubbles in his blood stream causing him to have aneurisms and a heart attack.
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