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A large group of players, coaches, personnel, sports analysts and fans who all take turns licking robert kraft's and tom brady's pretty pink pussies. Most of their fans are known to be bandwagon faggots who conveniently became diehard fans in 2001 for some reason. Known to be the luckiest group of cocksuckers in the history of football as they should have lost to Oakland in 2001 in the playoffs, but Tom Brady let the refs gangbang the shit out of him before the game. Also known to have one of the biggest choke jobs in the history of sports. Their fans are very commonly known to sit on huge black cocks for pleasure.
Tyrone: You see the New England Patriots play today boi? Mmmmm i'd like to get me a piece of that Tom Brady!

Bill Bellicheck: Not so hard Mr. Kraft! Please be gentle!
by PatriotsSitOnDix February 14, 2009

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