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1. Frontline fighter plane for Great Britain during World War II. Widely regarded throughout its long and well-developed life as a masterpiece of the avionic arts; a graceful-yet-deadly dogfighter and a peerlessly beautiful design.

2. Small, affordable convertible roadster built by Triumph from 1962 until 1980. Designed by Giovanni Michelotti, mechanically based on the Triumph Herald sedan. Named in honor of the British fighter of the same name (see above). Early models suffered from a flawed rear suspension design; later cars had the life sucked out of them by the company's inadequate responses to US emissions and safety rules. Still a popular club and vintage racer and "gateway drug" to the joys and pains of classic-car ownership.

3. High-spirited, outspoken female; usually loud, lusty, lovely and pretty much untouchable. Often red-haired.
1. A Spitfire overflew the pattern at Oshkosh to great applause and appreciation.

2. Call Nigel at the garage; the Spitfire's ignition system is acting up again.

3. Damn, that Cora is a spitfire. I'd tell her how much I want to get into her pants but she'd smack me silly.
by Patrick from Astoria February 24, 2007
A neighborhood on the western end of Queens, New York. Renowned for its large Greek immigrant population, Astoria is also a traditional Italian stronghold. More recently, the area has become a gloriously polyglot mixture of almost every identifiable ethnic group on the planet while also providing residence for large numbers of white middle-class twenty- and thirtysomethings from the rest of the United States. Currently favored for its relatively low rents, relatively low crime rates, European-style cafe culture, and phenomenal variety of ethnic restaurants and grocers. Shows a pleasant tendency to be immune to the average wave of mall-culture gentrification; Starbucks and the Gap may be present, but not in a way that overwhelms the whole situation. On the other hand, the subway situation is marginal at best and often infuriating.
Average person on 30th avenue: God, what am I going to have for dinner? Pizza, Chinese, something at a cafe, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Greek, Thai, Brazilian, five pints of Guinness, something from that Latin place, a burger, vegetarian...if only the kitchen in my apartment wasn't so useless.

Resident watching hordes of Italians hanging out of cars, waving flags, screaming, laughing, dancing, screwing in the streets: I guess the World Cup final is over.

Upper West Side resident visiting Astoria-based friend: Your rent is HOW MUCH?!?!?

Resident heading back home after a show at the Mercury Lounge: Friggin' impossible stupid N train....

Resident headed to work on a random morning: Friggin' impossible stupid N and W trains....
by Patrick from Astoria February 24, 2007
Mutant offspring of a full-size pickup and a size-XL minivan. Developed by Ford as a super-Suburban, intended as a heavy-duty tow and support vehicle - they do make for an effective small, terrain-capable ambulance, for example - but inexplicably adopted as a commuter car and grocery-getter by wealthy rednecks, overdefensive insecure cases, militant libertarians and anti-societal homeschoolers with enormous families. Regarded with deep scorn by the majority of the citizenry for their pure bulk and indulgent hunger for natural resources; ironically, many Excursion owners mistakenly believe the disdain of others to be a kind of post-transferrence envy for their Objectivist beliefs and social standing. Little more is ever further from the truth. Ford has thankfully cancelled further production of this beast in favor of a somewhat more reasonable stretched version of the Expedition.
The five-foot-two-inch-tall real estate agent considered her Excursion to be a necessary projection of the magnitude of her sales figures; she never drove without having her cell phone clamped to her ear. We tended to give her unconditional right-of-way, just to be safe, while muttering about her and her neo-Napoleon complex the whole time.
by Patrick from Astoria February 23, 2007
Camouflage designed, tested and approved by people who spend too much time using computers. "Pixilated" appearance is effective in hiding the wearer from observers in technically-astute societies; however, combatants from so-called "backwards" regions - whose vision perception is not corrupted by the overuse of televisions, PCs and video games - aren't so easily misled.
Abdul: Daaaaamn, Malik, what is up with that kafir's getup?

Malik: It's that new acupat shit the Zionist crusaders are rolling out. Looks like something out of your kid's PSP, no? Shoot him.
by Patrick from Astoria February 20, 2007
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