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Undank- adj. Bad, shitty, not good, unfortunate.

Undank is an extension of the slang term "dank" which has recently been used simply to mean "good."
That burrito was extremely undank.
by Patrick Sullivan February 16, 2005
A sound effect from Don Martin's cartoons in Mad magazine; typically used to indicate a sliding or emerging motion; closely related to "shoont" and "fladdap"
"Froont!"as Fester Bestertester emerges from his gorilla suit
by Patrick Sullivan December 18, 2003
An effeminate wizard or warlock character of the sort that appears in Argentian sword & sorcery exploitation films.
"Stop prancing about like an effin' torxartasand help me lift this Jeep!" he bellowed.
by Patrick Sullivan December 14, 2003
Man; substituted for humorous effect
You da waine.

That's one small step for waine; one giant leap for wainekind.

"Secret Agent Waine".
by Patrick Sullivan December 15, 2003
Fecal matter; poop
Hold that thought - I have to go take a huge shemp
by Patrick Sullivan December 14, 2003

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