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Head of a Yakuza family, basically a japaneese counterpart to a don(head of Italion/Siilian mafia), the oyabun is the father figure(oyabun means father in japaneese), supior to the Waka-Gashira(second in command).
Bring this cocksucking screw-up to the Oyabun and kiss his left pinky-tip good bye.
by Patrick SW June 28, 2006
The second in command of a Yakuza family, subordinate to the Oyabun(father/boss). He commands seperate armies, but never the whole family.
Hey Sam, that's the Hasashi Gumi underboss, the low-down Waka-Gashira. Step back or get an IMI in your crack.
by Patrick SW June 28, 2006
Someone who is easily hooked on substances. The certain drug is the worm that the fishermen(death) has attached to his rod. The ignorent Halibut(addict) is curious of the worm and tastes it, getting HOOKED by the worm. The rod pulls him up every tug he gives to the rod, until he is dead.
Yo Lorenzo, that cockfaced nugga aint nutt'n but a stupid Halibut.
by Patrick SW July 07, 2006

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