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It has many meanings. It can mean hello, cool, or excited.

This phrase was developed by a man who needed something funny for his web comic.
Oh, Dave! Fackin' like a master.
It would be fackin' like a master to play the gamecube.
We're about to see Michael Jackson! I'm fackin' like a master at this moment.
by Patrick May September 03, 2004
Absolute crappin' - something that is very bad.

Created by Patrick May, a man who checked a Japanese chatroom. The Japanese people, although they spoke english well, had some unique and interesting grammar. It influenced Patrick's grammar, and he invented " absolute crappin' "
I'm having an absolute crappin' day.
I think this TV show is absolute crappin'.
by Patrick May September 04, 2004
The use of two words together, created by Patrick May. Incredible-doings means:
1. Something good you've done
2. Something amazing someone has done
3. Some music recorded on an audio tape
"Wow, those were some incredible doings."
"I think I'll listen to some incredible doings."
by Patrick May May 05, 2004
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