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Acronym for 'Queens of the Stone Age' (rock band)
(On MSN) "ey, lets go 2 the qotsa concert"
by Patrick Macpherson April 24, 2006
Similar to the Olympic games but only consisting of countries that are colonies of England.

A good excuse for Australia to win without competing against countries that also have swimming pools.
Look at these Commonwealth Games results from Melbourne 2006.

1. Australia - Gold: 84, Silver: 69, Bronze: 68, Total: 221
2. England - Gold: 36, Silver: 40, Bronze: 34, Total: 110
3. Canada - Gold: 26, Silver: 29, Bronze: 31, Total: 86
by Patrick Macpherson April 24, 2006
Wanting what others have
Brendan: "Jealous of my happiness"
by Patrick Macpherson April 24, 2006
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