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a retarded person without the mental capacity to ever do more in the working world than push shopping carts badly. usually loved by the managers cuz they feel sorry for him.
The waterhead usually thinks he is the best worker and that he has a really nice smile. He drools a lot. He will try to get his nonretarded coworkers fired.
Waterheads really like gatorade.
Waterhead needs push more that two carts at a time.
by Patrick Landrum July 22, 2004
an inaccurate reenactor.
Usually wearing gray sweatshirt and pants and a paper had to complete their confederate uniform. They always want to know if there is anywhere out in california where they can campaign. Then they ride.
Paul Calloway and Mike "Dusty" Chapman are farbs.
by Patrick Landrum July 23, 2004
Old Dominion University, located in Norfolk, VA. The school is very famous for its computer team, the ODU Trolls. They also have a pretty good basketball team, but most people don't really care. The best place to stand at odu is in the caves of BAL. Edra works in the cafeteria, and you are bound to see habib and his abnormally fat ass there too. If you do decide to attend odu, be sure to take Biology 115 with Nancy Wade - she is the best teacher ever! Some people live on campus, but they all suck. The commuters make this school great.
There are TWO starbuck's on campus at ODU, making it perfect for you people who love to spend five dollars a cup on coffee. For everyone else, 7-11 is across the street.
Also, beware of the behs. i have seen at least one up close, but my friend claims to have seen her naked.
odu trolls here, schlitze, raymond konitsky, making bullshit posts.
by patrick landrum November 16, 2004

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