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Anyone willing to sit in the hot sun for over two hours waiting to dedicate a childhood home once the ceremonies commence.
I can't believe that man would sit in the hot sun for over three hours waiting fr the dedication ceremonies to commence. He must be a Bushkavite.
by Patrick Eberhart May 01, 2006
To make something conform to wiki convention.
I need to wikify my document or it won't be accepted.

Whenever I wikify something I have to improve it quite a bit.

by Patrick Eberhart June 20, 2006
A wiki sysop who alters or deletes words and their definitions and blocks access of the contributors who post them. (See Thought Police.)
That web site is operated by the head cops. My mother would make a good head cop. This site is run by a head cop. My brother is a head cop.
by Patrick Eberhart April 24, 2006
The order of the values contained in a radix or the order of letters in an alphabet.
Vertical hierarchy does not refer to the order of letters in a word but rather to the order of leters in the alphabet.
by Patrick Eberhart May 24, 2006
The order of digits in a number or the order of letters in a word or the order of characteristics in a classification table.
The horizontal hierarchy of our number system places the ten's column to the left and adjacent to the one's column.

by Patrick Eberhart May 24, 2006
Any endevor based upon make believe or fantasy.
We tried to stop her from staying and riding out the huricane but she's in wiki world.

by Patrick Eberhart June 20, 2006
An Internet wiki dictionary dominated by adolescent system operators that reject new words and penalize participants who repeatedly submit new words, add definitions for existing words, discuss relevant but objectionable issues and disagree with any system operator on the merits of a definition by blocking participant access to prevent further submissions and participation in discussions.
When I submitted a reference link to the Urban Dictionary site the Wiktionary system operator blocked my access to the Wiktionary site on the ficticious grounds that the Urban Dictionary site is malicious.
by Patrick Eberhart April 23, 2006
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