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Cleavage so outrageous and in your face you can not look away. Often found on heavy girls who think having huge breasts is the only qualification for being attractive.
Damn look at that cow's knockers jiggle, what a titty train wreck.

My girlfriend got pissed at me for staring at another girls boobs, but it was a damn titty train wreck. I couldn't help it.
by Patient zero February 13, 2006
A horribly debilitating birth defect where a person who is of very large stature has an average sized penis. The problem is that the average sized penis looks tiny compared to the persons huge body.
Girl: Damn you have a small dick
Guy: Bitch! its 8 1/2 inches long. I'm 6'8" it just looks small.
Girl: Sorry I didn't realize you were afflicted with Shaquille O'Neil Disease.
by Patient zero February 11, 2006

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