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Churchianity is the devolution of Christianity into a mutual admiration society, a social club, which stresses adapting to the modern world instead of purging the evils out of this world. Instead of being driven by the ideas of exposing and opposing sin and eradicating evil, Churchianity strives make the pew occupants feel good about themselves while society self-destructs. Churchianity has abandoned the Ten Commandments in favor of promoting Self-Help, amplified with Bible verses. The Book of Revelation actually predicted this development, calling it the "Church of Laodecia," the church of lukewarm people.
Churchianity combines elements of Prosperity theology, Ecumenism, Universal Salvation, Modernism, "Higher Criticism," Syncretism, etc.
#churchianity #apostianity #feel-goodism #prosperity theology #syncretism
by Pastor Eli James April 27, 2008
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