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A term used when an employee, typically at a technology company, but can apply to any business, consistently Emails the boss/team/org/department with their innane, negative ramblings.
Sandy: "Team - again we're faced with the ongoing problem of people shuffling papers and typing on conference calls without being muted. I'd like to remind everyone..."
Boss: Great - Sandy just sent another eWhine.
by Paradox Smith April 17, 2008
As it sounds, a very uncomfortable, while also very awkward, situation or scenario. Both are similar in use, but this term is used when the situation begs for a word stronger than either of the 2.

Typically, an uncomfortable situation would be walking into your home to find your roommate making out with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend. The situation would then be awkward if your roommate was making out with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend - lacking some clothing and catching glimpse of things you did not want to see.

Now imagine walking in on your roomate, lacking clothes and making out with YOUR boyfriend/girlfriend. That's UNCOMFAWKWARD!
by Paradox Smith July 20, 2007
1. Used in both gaming and in the office to say sweet, or that's cool, but sarcastically, usually followed by a rolls eyes.

2. Used in both gaming and in the office to say sweet, or that's cool, however pointing out just how unreal or even paradoxical the reference actually is (EG, why would one 'saw' wheat when it can be more simply cut, pulled or easily broken).
1. "Nice move, man - that was Saw Wheat...I guess. HAHA!"

2. "I can't believe you pulled that off in the meeting - it was rather Saw Wheat!"
by Paradox Smith February 22, 2007
1. Another word for pimp or one who uses human collateral either for sex or non-sexual favors in return for money.

2. Any one (possibly 2) individuals in a group of same or opposite sex 'friends' (EG: Girl in a mantourage) that seem to be the center of the groups' affections.

3. Any same sex partner who is participating in multiple, intimate relationships.
1. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - now tell me where I can find the local Ass Rancher!"

2. "Look at all of those guys fawning all over her - she's quite the Ass Rancher!"

3. "I dumped him after I found out he was such an Ass Rancher!"
by Paradox Smith February 16, 2007

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