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a song made in 1997 by Cake. The song is debated about what the lyrics are actually talking about, but I'll tell you one thing, ITS NOT A MOTHER FUCKING CROSS COUNTRY RACE! although it is some kind of race, most say it is either a motorsport race, a horse race, or motorcycle race. motorsport makes the most sense to me, however, because it says shit like "fuel burning on an empty tank", "engines thumping", and "driving". However, some gay mother fucking queers like to think its referring to a cross country race. these people are usually people who do and are into cross country themselves, thus to their mindless asses lead them to believe it must in fact reffer to a cross country race.
Ryan: The Distance is definatly talking about a cross country race cause it says "crouched at the starting line"
Me: no, you dumbass, cross country has absolutely nothing to do with fuel, engines, driving, ect.
Ryan: well it still says "pacing and plotting the course", and you definatly don't do that in the things you said. i mean, in motorsports you just go out every lap and dont need to plot anything
Me: are you fucking serious? im not wasting time that could be used killing you on you
by Papyrus November 17, 2006
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