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International House of Fetus : Any pregnant woman; a ghetto ass apartment/house filled with kids pissing in their pampers, crying, drawing on the walls with crayons.
"I'm not fucking with that smut, she's has 4 kids and lives in a I.H.O.F. down the street."

"Woah, who told her it's cool for an I.H.O.F. to be at a bar?"
by Papsmear Pappy March 19, 2009
Other People's Photography... To be down with O.P.P., one must be broke and lack ownership of a camera therefore relying on other people's photographs to upload current pictures on Myspace or Facebook...
"I'm waiting for you to email me the pictures from my birthday party, sheesh you know i'm down with O.P.P."
by Papsmear Pappy March 19, 2009

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