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A modified version of the Shotokan Karate style with elements of Sumo, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This hybrid style of Karate was pioneered by Japanese-Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist and Karate practitioner Lyoto Machida in order to use his Karate style in Mixed Martial Arts fights.
Lyoto Machida used his Machida Karate style to knockout and defeat Rashad Evans to win the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 98.
by Papi Chulo Judan August 03, 2011
Place where people who are cheesing their balls off can swim with the Itty-Titty Fairies of Mammary mountain.
Gerald Broflovski and Kenny McCormick were both seen getting high on cat urine which is referring to as "cheesing" in the South Park episode Major Boobage. While in their "cheesed" state they would enter a world heavily influenced by the 1981 film Heavy Metal where they would set out to claim the boob princess and lather her rockin tits in water. They would do battle in a variety of arenas such as the Breastriary, and get to swim in the Fountains of Varnoth, none of which were real since they were just cheesed out of their minds.
by Papi Chulo Judan July 28, 2011
The bottom position in a ]Mixed Martial Arts] fight or a Jujitsu/Grappling match. The fighter performing the guard position is on their back with the attacking fighter between their legs. From this position, the guard fighter will try to prevent the fighter on top from attacking, tightly locking their legs behind the attacking fighter's back. The fighter performing the guard attempts to neutral the movement of the fighter on top in order to either escape the bottom position or to perform a submission from guard to win the match. A fighter can end up in guard position by either being taken down, being reversed, or purposely pulling their opponent into the guard in order to get the fight to the ground.
At Pride Fighting Championships' Pride Shockwave 2006, Japanese Mixed Martial Artist and Jujitsu Black Belt, Shinya Aoki, submitted Norwegian Mixed Martial Artist Joachim Hansen with a gogoplata choke from his guard.
by Papi Chulo Judan July 31, 2011

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