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Another name for the city of Camas, a small town in southern Washington. The name "Milltown" directly refers to the city's trademark, the paper mill. Associated with yuppies and being in the middle of nowhere, a few of its pride and joys include: the fact that Mel Gibson once had a house there (but left for obvious reasons), the "Papermaker" mascot of the high school (voted among the top 10 worst mascots in the nation), the Club (also known as Lacamas Swim and Sport), the Fern Prairie market, and the small man-made Lacamas Lake.
Non-Camasonian: "You're from Camas? Where the fuck is that?!"
Camasonian: "Yeah, dude. Right next to Vancouver. Milltown's where it's at!"
Non-Camasonian: "Right... You keep thinking that and I'll pretend to give a shit."
by Papermaker Pride June 01, 2011

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