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The intentional, and deliberate action of creating chaos for the amusement of one's self or peers. Fucking Shit Up is appropriate in almost all situations including, but not limited too: Schools, Malls, Homes, Weddings, Parties, Occupational Facilities, Cemeteries, Supermarkets, Fast Food Restaurants, Fairs, Beaches, Public Events, Hospitals, and Gang Affiliated Territories. Fucking Shit Up is a skill that not many possess. Only a true psychopathic, twisted, demented, traumatized, deranged, sick bastard is capable of such acts of cruel, unusual and chaotic behavior. This specific type of behavior originated in the city of Miami, Florida. The prerequisite symptoms of someone about to Fuck Shit Up, are feelings of: Anger, Anxiety, Hysteria, Frenzy, Restlessness, Boredom, Spontaneous Loss of Self Control, Hyperactivity, and Masochism. WARNING: If within close proximity of someone who is under of any of the effects listed above, proceed with extreme caution as your life is in a high level of danger. Being victimized of such behavior may display feelings of: Depression, Fatigue, Hopelessness, Desperateness, and Extreme Frustration.
Hey Mario, let's fuck shit up!

Damn! We're fucking shit up!

Cmon, let's go fuck shit up!

Join us, my son, as there is shit that needs to be fucked up.
by Panza Boy March 21, 2011
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