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An angry group of people driven to violence primarily caused by years of alcohol and pork deprivation combined with generations of incest due to marrying cousins. Their rabid and barbaric nature leads them to mostly attack innocent jewish kids.

The primary means to distract or defend against HAMAS are: bacon bombs, pictures of attractive sheep and several 5.56x45mm rounds to the head.
Those Hamas cowards attacked a bus of kids going to visit petting zoo.
by Pakinator December 02, 2009
The preferred sexual partner of most Arab males.
Dude, that Arab guy is fucking a camel!
by Pakinator December 02, 2009
Typically a Muslim male suffering from years of pork, alcohol and sex deprivation that has become insane and driven to commit acts of violence against innocents while foaming at the mouth and yelling Allahu Akbar.
Two terrorists struck again in Jerusalem killing several innocent school children.
by Pakinator December 02, 2009
Someone who was born in the United States, whose ancestors have lived in the US for centuries, has no connection to Africa, speaks no African language and is likely to know little to nothing about Africa.

The only possible connection is the similarity between the barbaric uncivilized behavior by blacks in the ghetto and Africans in Africa.

Nevertheless, guilty liberal white people and some blacks call them African-Americans.
No, he's not black, he's African American, that's the politically correct term.
by Pakinator December 05, 2009

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