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A minority race in Malaysia comprising of about 25% of the total population. They have been residing in Malaysia for more than 500 years, even way before the Malacca Sultanate in 15th century and British colonial rule in the 19th century (as what claimed by our manipulated history textbooks, heck, you know why :P) They are traditionally smart, hardworking and far-sighted people who managed to build up their own and ultimately Malaysia's economy despite many of them having arrived from China as dirt cheap labour.

Because of that, their success have always been an eyesore for jealous majority of Malays who are dumb enough think the dirty Chinese kaffirs are so-called robbing their land when in fact, they can't even achieve shit, and needless to say, the very same people who bear such dumb nationalistic sentiments (comparable to stupid White Supremacy) are themselves immigrants from nearby Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, bla bla bla... They often mock Chinese as being "kiasu" (afraid to lose) yet in reality, it is the Malays who are the most kiasu fucks ever (see example below)

Malaysian Chinese are historically allies with their counterparts, Malaysian Indians, as both are what experts deemed as "diaspora races" (simply said, a race that is not spoiled and spoonfed and thinks they are better than the rest of the world) as both races share similar experiences in discrimination by the Malay Muslim majority.
Example of Malay "Kiasu-ness":
Malays are so damn afraid that population of smart non-Malays would extrapolate Malays they began denying citizenship to many Malaysian Chinese citizens (that's why so many uncles and aunties still carry that red IC despite having resided in Malaysia for god knows how long) and also label any Indon, Paki, Arab, Orang Asli or Martian Tom, Dick and Harry as "Malay" in order to maintain that numerical advantage. That's why nowadays in Malaysia we have Indian Muslims or Pakis proclaiming Malay supremacy while asking Chinese and Indian minorities to go back to China or India or burn in hell as an infidel. We also having a bunch or morons running the country while the smart ones are forced to migrate to other greener grasses eg: Singapore, Australia, Canada. Ironic, you say?
by Pak Su November 28, 2010
Yup, yup, yup, other than the definitions below about being lazy, incompetent, racist, etc, do you know that Malay males are also known to be extremely dirty-minded and sexist? Well, their females not allowed to be sexy and must wear headscarf, remember? So all these horny males would go for the uncovered non-Malay/Muslim females especially the Chinese. 99% of Malay males are always lusting after Chinese girls who generally have fairer skin than their Malay counterparts. If there's opportunity, they'd like to flirt with non-Malay especially Chinese girls so that they can get laid, perhaps get marry and gain merit for converting them. If they cannot get it, they will resort to harassment and rape. If they still cannot get it, they will resort to raping their own daughters, cousins, siblings, pets, etc. These pervs also like to frequent massage parlours to get massaged and possibly get sexual favours from masseurs who are most likely non-Malay/Muslim women themselves. If they still craving for more, they'd go across the Thai border to look for hookers. Well, some jerks just cannot control their sexual desires.

Funny thing is the same horny peeps are also the same flock who like to complain about women wearing so-called revealing clothes until their faith in their religion gets shaken bla bla bla when the truth is completely opposite. Malays are always the top of the list when it comes to sexual crimes and baby dumping.
Sexual crime statistics in Malaysia show that majority of perpetrators are Malay males while majority of victims are of non-Malay/Muslim females. Go figure.
by Pak Su October 06, 2012
Simply said, ethnic Chinese who lives in Malaysia. Chinese have been living in Malaysia for centuries even way beyond Malacca Sultanate (totally not as what claimed by Malaysia's manipulated Malay-centric history textbook). They are hardworking, smart and far-sighted people who managed to build their own and ultimately Malaysia's economy from scratch as the Malay Muslims can't even achieve shit & only know how to rape, rob, & ride 130cc motorbikes like an asshole.

The Malaysian Chinese are historically allies with Malaysian Indians as both races share same experiences of oppression by the jealous fuck Malay govt. They share the same frustration when:

a.)non-Malay top scorers were rejected from scholarships & university placements while a Malay who flunked exams gets it

b.)when temples and churches are demolished with some lame, racist excuses while mosques are growing like virus (Malay Muslim: be grateful or go back to China/India-lah!!!!)

c.)racist Malay school principals and politicians are spared while peaceful protesters are shot with bullets, tear gas grenades and water gun.

d.)Hindus and some Buddhists would accept beef served right in front of their face while Malay Muslims would start WWIII when they see a glimpse of pork on the menu.

e.)many institutions founded by non-Malays were intentionally seized by Malay authorities and now managed only by Malays (eg: MISC, Maybank)

f.)there's freedom of religion: freedom to convert to Islam but not otherwise
How many Malays does it take to change the light bulb?

Nah, they're too lazy and dumb for that. They'd ask the Indian and Chinese Malaysians to do it then they'll just take all the credit for themselves.
by Pak Su November 28, 2010
Another variation of the offensive term "amoi". Also often used by non-Chinese perverts in Malaysia to refer to Chinese girls. Just like the offensive term "amoi", chant this if you'd like to get your head shoved right up your ass.
"hey dude, look at that amoi susu...

wow gorgeous !!!"

"ahhhhh...... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......!" (perverts getting their head shoved into toilet bowls)
by Pak Su October 06, 2012
Offensive and degrading slang often connoted to refer to Chinese girls by non-Chinese perverts in Malaysia (especially Malay Muslim males). Another variation is "amoi susu" in which "susu" literally means milk - a metaphor to Chinese girls' fair skin that these perverts are always lusting. Chant this term if you'd like to have your head shoved right up your own ass.
Beautiful Chinese girl(s) walks by......

Person A: "hey dude, look at that amoi susu... wow gorgeous!!!"

Person B: "Hello amoy! u look so sexy oooh hehehe...."

*Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!* (the sound of 2 Malay perverts getting their brown ass Kung Fooed into oblivion)
by Pak Su October 07, 2012
Offensive term referring to Chinese girls. Chant this if you want to get your head shoved right up your ass.
"Hello amoi! u look so sexy oooh hehehe...."

pow... pow.. pow... *pervert getting his nuts busted big time*
by Pak Su November 28, 2010
A supposedly non-existent language that only came into existence after centuries of continuous plaguerizing of culture from Indians, Indonesians, Chinese, Japanese, Thais, British, Americans, Arabs, Taliban, skinheads, camwhore, etc. The Malay language, or "Bahasa Melayu", is therefore, a mixture (or what Malaysians called "rojak") of Sanskrit, Tamil, Portuguese, English, Arab, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, & whatever shit they can copy. There are only 5 original, non-plaguerized Malay words in the language. WTH.

Malay language is usually used when

1.) asking Chinese/Indian minorities to go back to China/India

2.) harassing sexy non-Muslim girls(esp. Chinese). What perverts.

3.) cursing all infidels for not praying 5 times a day, drink beer, and eat pork.

4.) Passing national exams, after which you can start ditching it cos' it has no commercial nor international value whatever

5.) Arguing with dumb Malay nationalists and Islamists. This is considered a noble act as this is the only language these apes can ever speak.

6.) when surfing for Malay porn. Isn't it promising? Extra language, extra options? No? :P
Examples from Malay language

In Portuguese: "Meza"
In Malay: "Meja"

In sanskrit: "Bhakti"
In Malay: "Bakti"

In Arab: "Kafiroun"
In Malay: "Kafir"***
***most popular word used by enraged Malay Muslims to cover up their inability to hold back sexual urges towards sexy non-Muslim girls. Malay Muslim girls not allowed to be sexy, remember?
by Pak Su November 28, 2010
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