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1 definition by Paconumber1

P Town is short for The City Of Portsmouth, Virgina. A rough Lower class city with much poverty in Va. Population: Mainly all African Americans and 5 percent white. Its Nestled In between Va beach Chesapeake and Suffolk.
Dubbed on the east coast as heroin capital of the east. Also its dubbed Home Of The Stick Up Kids, which came about in the 60s and 80s for some reason primarily from Richmond. Real OGs know this term well.
Some compare it to a lesser Camden New Jersey But That's personal opinion. From experience its like Camden but also with white folk living amongst the Black Folk with relative peace and hidden animosity.
Resources in P Town Va.
Free Base Cain Is No doubt Portsmouth's #1 Cash Chemical usually 98% pure to ensure a good fiend return.
Schools are hurt financially because of military drain and are riddled with teen gangs such as YNIC "Young Niggas in charge" and ms13. They Graduate to prison and a life of crime.
Portsmouth cops get paid by Dealers to Hush up.
They tore down Many Portsmouth Government projects to build Walmarts and ihops for the other side of money in the city.
Rule number One in Portsmouth is Don't be a Talker and Mind your buisness. I don't need to say...Don't mess with Portsmouth. Any one who reps there city like that is soft.
Oh yeah if you have kids in Portsmouth move away quickly probably to A better environment for sure P Town isn't for kids and neither is the education system.
Real OG- "Yo, you from Portsmouth? Man that's Home of the stick up kids homie"

"Dont mess with P Towns Money, His Block aint no joke"

"Dont worry on the return Kid, Cops give dealers a free run for 9 months on a 50000 Pay off just dont get pinched in the car leavin aight?"
by Paconumber1 March 22, 2010
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