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A totally fucked up crime that should never, ever happen to anyone. The rapist could act this way because of having extreme sexual deprivation from parents, or simply because he's obsessed with power. Sometimes, it will start with showing the woman about sex parts, if not that then talking about it, and not in a way where you're confused and need help either. Afterwards, he might try to have the woman touch his sex parts, and then he'll usually touch her sexually. Eventually, after all this, he will try to dupe the woman into some place where it's hard for him to get caught, and rape her. There are different forms of how rape starts, but mostly it starts like that, so all you females out there watch out for that. If you women out there are reading this, I want y'all to know one thing: If a dude tries to rape you, the first thing you should always do is kick him in his nuts! If you even carry a Tazer Gun with you, use that too! And then get help, because you don't deserve that at all. Remember; No means no, you sick bastards!!!
Every year, at least 1,000 women are raped, probably more than that, because of sick, depraved lunatics.
by PS2 Playa August 19, 2005

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