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Mixing the words "Pedophile" and "Bible" together, according to the famous Banana Man; Ray Comfort.
Leonie: "As a bibliophile, I'm sure..."

Ray Comfort: "If you call any other Christian on this page a 'bibliophile' I will ban you."

Leonie: "It means lover of books"

Ray Comfort: "I thought it was just another atheist insult, a cross between pedophile and Bible. My sincere apologies. Still learning. Best wishes."
by PM Atheist April 11, 2013
A person that hates Homosexuals, better word than Homophobic meaning the fear of Homosexuality.

Pronounced: Homo-Dist
Homo-di-st, "di" coming from the word "odi" which comes from Latin word as a verb "Odisse". "st" added at the end coming from the word "ist" as in "Terrorist" or "Racist"

Also see, Homodi
Coach Johnson kicked Tim off of the Football team, there is no doubt that it's because Tim is gay. Coach Johnson is such a Homodist.
by PM Atheist October 11, 2012
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