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The act of men getting together camping to act like men. Drinking beers, whiskey, shooting shotguns and handguns, throwing axes, knives etc... Shotgunning for beers, beer shotgunning, cigar smoking, as much swearing as humanely possible. A back to basics camping trip to set men back in reality that they are actually men. Of course they can vent about their women, jobs or basically anything they can think of. The average Gun Camper would drink about 24 beers per day, maybe shoot 1000 rounds of 12 gauge. The food is cook over a fire. Huge knives are used to basically cut anything that needs to be opened, beer included. Shotgun are at times shot one in each hand for dramatic effect....
Viking yells are common, as is camo and loud old school rock and roll...

Man the office and my women are really getting on my nerves lately. I could use to go Gun camping and blow off some steam.

We went gun camping and I may have drink a full kegs worth of beer, but it was just to numb my shoulder from all the shot gun impact.

Dude when's the next GC I need to do some drinking and shooting....well and some serious obscene swearing...
by PJEBDC March 01, 2007
A complete tool, jerk-off, looser. The kind of guy that would steal from your home when you let him stay, try to hit on your women and eat your food when you had no money. The lowest of the low on the scumbag scale. Untrustable. A total dink...
That guy is a complete pipe cleaner. Don't let him near your friends, family or property or you'll regret it.

I'd rather poke my eyes out with scissors then hang with that pipe cleaner.

Dude what a friggin pipe cleaner that guy was....
by PJEBDC March 01, 2007
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