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A Try hard wannabe rocker/rapper from the commercially fucked up Limp Bizkit

Durst is known for his fucked up lyrics such as "i did it all for the nookie" and "i want to fuck you like an animal, i want to feel you from the inside" <-- FUCKEN RIP OFF FROM NIN

This man should be avoided like the plague and if seen should be kicked in the sack, doused in petrol and set on fire!
A complete and utter fuckhead from Jacksonville who wares pants that dont fit him and has his hat on backwards
by PJ Marshal January 03, 2004
A week long piss up held at Surfers Paradise. Everyone gets drunk and gets laid and party on at the beach!

The best way to reward ya self after 12 years of slavery
Hot Chicks, Sex and lots and lots of alcohol all at Surfers
by PJ Marshal January 03, 2004
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