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3 definitions by PHV Overlord

Halo Dance: Used after owning a n00b in halo 2, it consists of
you and/or your team sitting up and down on ones body to indicate that you just stuck your jewels in ones mouth and supremely owned him.
I owned this n00b ActualCarrot and did the "Halo Dance" on his dead body.
by PHV Overlord July 17, 2006
35 5
Bumming A Fag, is a term in the 1960's people used to use if they were a bum and/or just asking for a smoke.
-Hey jerry, watch out, there's a guy at the corner "Bumming Fag's" off people.

Hey buddy can I "Bum a Fag"?
by PHV Overlord July 17, 2006
23 17
Moogly Jooblies is a womans rack, the kind that wobble side to side while she walks.
Damn Matt, check out the moogly jooblies on that beautch!!
by PHV Overlord July 17, 2006
8 8