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Has talent that you cannot find words for that is undescribable my personal icon who I look up to ....his attitude driven and never back down from a challenge is something I try to immitate in my life and its gotten me far and thru tuff situations he has the cutest face ever I personally love his ears and the way he talks it irresistable hottest bod everr *sighs**smiles* soooo cuuuuuuutee :] don't disrespect Michael phelps I'd like to c ur ass get up at 5:30 in the morning and swim 7 miles daily and win 10(waiting till tonight for his 11th and 12th) gold medals assholes who say he's ugly and untalented!!!!!!
Idiotic morons : "michael phelps is untalent- "
Me: *bitch slaps idiotic SOB's* funny don't see 10 gold medals round ur neck ass!!!!!
by PHELPS PHAN4everbby August 12, 2008

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