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a rapper from persia who raps in english language , known by his old name reza-remix. starts rappin since he was 10! he was born in tehran ( capital city of persia ) n when he was 14 years old , he moved to chicago, lived 1year in chicago n then he came back to his hometown. because of livin in chicago he became a GD member and now he's reppin GDs in persia ( leader & founder of GDs in his hometown )
a guy: shit ! check out this dope track from lil rag
2nd guy : yea, he's tha one ! n he's a anti-gay rappa ( gay killa )
1st guy: realy ?? cool ! he's a gd , he's a rapper n he's a GAY killa ! thats good
better check his dope traccz on tha website jamglue!
by PGD fan June 24, 2009
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